NEURO, 30 caps



​is a nootropic with a unique composition. It is one of the best preparations on the market. The composition of the product guarantees you a full harmony between high intellectual abilities and physical arousal. The supplement effectively improves mental abilities, increases work efficiency and improves the efficiency of the body.

Specially selected stimulants in safe doses work together in a synergistic way, providing clarity of mind and incredible energy for action.

NEURO contains safe doses of stimulants for you, which thanks to the synergy of action give you incredible mental power Stimulants contained in NEURO ​have different duration of action. Thanks to this, after a few hours the energy level decreases gradually, not radically. Thanks to this action you will not feel side effects in the form of weakness, palpitations or unwellness.

The use of NEURO ​ ​brings effects in the form of:

– exceptional energy growth

– better mood

– greater motivation

– improving short and long-term memory

– better concentration and full clarity of mind

– faster assimilation and matching of facts

– suppression of excessive appetite

– loss of unnecessary fat.


1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast or 30 minutes before the planned mental effort.

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