• Unmatched Energy
  • Amplified Focus
  • Enhanced Reaction Time
  • Improved Accuracy

WARRIOR is an energy booster, which allows you to achieve great performance, regardless of the type of sport you practice also eSports.
The substance was created in a laboratory specialising in preparing high-quality supplements for athletes so that you can count on extremely lasting effects of use.

WARRIOR is our gaming and gym formula designed for focus, clean energy, elevated mental clarity, and enhanced reaction time.

WARRIOR enhances crucial gaming skills such as accuracy, psychomotor vigilance, rapid decision-making, map awareness, multitasking, working memory, communication, and the reduction of overall errors.

The innovative composition of the product affects the body by causing a powerful increase in strength and endurance – making every training session even more fruitful. The development is driven by a perfect blend in which you will find:

Core Well-Being System: contains active adaptogens affecting well-being and a soothing effect on the psyche. These plants include, among others: Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa and Ashwagandha. Natural plants influence the tolerance of the body to various stressful factors. The use of adaptogens is especially recommended to stop stress and to produce cortisol, which is too high a concentration affects metabolism disorders. It is associated with a lack of regeneration ability.

DMHA – Thanks to its action on the central nervous system – it increases the concentration of dopamine and noradrenaline. It is also worth mentioning that it improves creativity and removes the feeling of tiredness.



1 month

Suggested use
Consume one scoop (about 8.95 grams) 15 minutes before mental work. To test ingredient tolerance, you can start supplementation with 1/2 knowledge for the first few days.

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