BPC-157 2.0, 300mcg/caps, 60 caps


BPC-157 2.0, 300mcg

  • A high quality peptide in capsule form
  • Accelerates muscular regeneration enormously
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Protects the stomach and intestines (even produced by the body in small amounts)

BPC-157 is a peptide known for particularly strong regenerative and cytoprotective properties. In particular, the healing of wounds and the repair of muscles and tendons is accelerated enormously. BPC-157 is a so-called pentadecapeptide, which is composed of 15 amino acids.

The effect not only ensures accelerated regeneration, but also enables efficient muscle building and metabolism in a short time. BPC-157 is also called Body Protective Compound because it is produced by the body in small amounts to protect the stomach and intestines. It can promote wound healing and, after hard training sessions, provide regenerative support for heavily stressed muscles in a very short time. BPC-157 offers athletes and bodybuilders a new way to improve progress in a short period of time.

BPC 157 a new game changer in bodybuilding and strength training?

BPC 157 offers a new milestone in wound healing and in the regeneration of tendons, ligaments and joints. Numerous testimonials have confirmed the effectiveness of this peptide in relation to joint pain (knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain…). BPC-157 is particularly suitable for heavy-duty basic exercises and high intensity and noticeable pain in your joints.


Phenibut is a modified version of the GABA neurotransmitter with an added phenyl group molecule. The supplement successfully crosses the blood-brain barrier much easier than in the case of direct GABA supplementation.

β-phenyl-aminobutyric acid has numerous satisfied users who praise its effectiveness in nervousness to ensure relaxation and better well-being. Applying Phenibut in the evening will ensure a restful, deep sleep. There are several benefits from using a nootropic to which can include: improvement of memory, learning, concentration, and even making essential decisions. The supplement raises the level of dopamine in the brain resulting in improved mood and increased libido. The results show that Phenbut significantly improves brain function, normalising brain tissue metabolism and modulating blood flow in the central nervous system. Phenibut helps achieve a natural psychological balance while showing no adverse effect on psychomotor functions. The supplement is recommended for learners, employees, during periods of intense physical and mental effort, and those who can not cope with everyday fast life, where stress and anxiety accompany you.

60 caps


½-1 month

Suggested use
Take 1-3 capsule daily.

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