AC-262, 10mg, 60 caps


AC-262, 10mg

Accadine AC-262,536 – A Sarm for Muscle Building!

The basic receptor for AC-262 is the receptor which gives about 66% of maximal testosterone producing effects.

The way AC-262 works is like most SARMs but its affinity with the receptor is mild due to which chances of side effects are usually negligible.

The basic principle of Androgen Receptor is to produce testosterone, which builds muscle mass, improve bone density with increased sex tissues.


-Lean Muscle Gains
AC 262 536 will build a modest but noticeable amount of lean muscle mass. On a caloric surplus that translates to ~ 4 to 5 lbs of lean muscle mass.

On a caloric deficit, it will definitely retain muscle mass and can potentially build muscle for some individuals (training variables & genetics).
Again, users who tried it compared the increase in muscle gains to that of Ostarine, Andarine, and ACP-105.

-Strength and Performance
AC-262 will increase your strength and improve your stamina & endurance, and overall physical performance. The extent of these effects is most likely to the same level as something with Ostarine, Andarine, or ACP 105.

-Fat Loss

AC-262 does not cause fat loss. It is not a fat burner. But, what it will do though is help retain muscle while on a caloric deficit.

-Bones & Joints

AC-262 will drastically increase the strength and density of your bones, much like all SARMs do. But, the impact it will have on your joints is unclear.
Some users have reported experiencing dry and achy joints while running it.


AC-262 will speed up your recovery, after all, it is a performance-enhancing drug. You’ll be less sore, tired, and fatigued after a workout. You will recover faster, allowing you to hit the gym a lot sooner. Your minimal effective volume will decrease, and your maximum recoverable volume will increase. That’s not to say that you should go ham and obliterate your connective tissue while running it.

60 caps


1 month

Suggested use
Take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

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