S-4, Andarine 25mg, 90 caps


S-4, 25mg

S4 or Andarine is a SARM (Selective androgen receptor Modulator) has extremely strong anabolic effects-is a full agonist of androgen receptors. S4 Andarine is an extremely selective androgen receptor modulator, operating, so has a huge performance in the absence of effects of hormonal changes and accompanying negative side effects.

S4 or Andarine is a measure which has anabolic power such prohormones and Steroids Anabolic Androgenic as Anavar, Winstrol or dihydrotestosterone (DHT)! At the same time, during the application of S-4 does not have the side effects of the application of PH or SAA. On the contrary! S4 Andarine affects very beneficial for overall health and mental well-being!

  • There is 0% chance of breast lactation or other female characteristics in the post cycle
  • It is a low cardiovascular risk, as it does not affect LDL/HDL
  • Testosterone is not diminished
  • No liver toxicity was exhibited
  • It does not cause any masculine features in women

90 caps


1 month

Suggested use
Take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

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