1. Ostarine or MK-2866 (best SARM overall for beginners)
Ostarine or MK-2866 has the most human research of any SARM. It is incredibly versitile, whether cutting or bulking, and side effects are very mild at low-moderate doses when used sensibly. If you’ve never used any SARMs before, this would be our first choice.

2. Andarine or S-4 (best choice for women)
Andarine is a relatively mild SARM that is one of the better choices for women. Also known as S4, it can support gains in lean mass and recomp.

3. Ligandrol or LGD-4033 (great for bulking)
Ligandrol is considered to be 11x stronger than ostarine, helping you gain muscle and size in a short amount of time. The perfect step up for anyone on a massing phase.

4. Radarine or RAD-140
Radarine, Testolone, or RAD-140 is one of the most popular SARMs. It is loved for its benefits to performance, recovery and allowing you to gain muscle at an enhanced rate. Radarine can be used as a standalone for your first cycle or stacked.

5. YK-11 (the strongest SARM)
If you’ve been using SARMs for some time, and have experimented with the above options and stacking, YK-11 bridges the gap between SARMs and Prohormones. An incredibly strong SARM, always use with comprehensive cycle support and keep duration of use as short as possible.

6. Ibutamoren or MK-677
Not a SARM but a GH-Secretagogue, Iburamoren (MK-677) has a powerful appetite increasing effect and can help sleep and recovery through increasing growth hormone. Perfect for stacking while on a bulk.

7. Cardarine or GW-501516
Cardarine is the second compound on this list that is not actually a SARM. Cardarine works via the pathway to increase endurance, promote a healthy lipid profile and support fat loss.

9. Stack 7 (best value SARM stack)
Stack 7 is a combination of MK-677 and LGD, perfect for those looking to gain size on a budget. Boost appetite, feel stronger in the gym and recover better between sessions with this stack.

10. PCT following a SARMs Cycle
Post cycle therapy (PCT) after using SARMs will vary depending on SARMs used, dose and duration of cycle. Speaking generally however, you can usually run a successful PCT using over the counter supplements due to the selective nature of SARMs meaning that side effects are less likely and can be less severe when they do materialise.

Our general advice would be:

  • Use the lowest dose and cycle duration recommended by the brand to start
  • Non-SARMs such as Cardarine or MK-677 can easily be added to support your stack
  • Always have PCT at the ready for when the cycle has been completed
  • Stay on top of health supplements while you are on cycle, and be patient and make sure your diet and training are aligned with your goal!
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