LAX, Laxogenin & MK-2866, 60 caps



LAX – An alternative to prohormones (PH) and anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). An innovative complete stack and the rapid development of mass and strength. Laxogenin regenerating and strengthening the operation of the other components.

You train amateur or professional, and:

– Looking for a strong alternative to PH or AAS

– You want to have large weight gains and strength in a short time

– You want to avoid the side effects characteristic of strong PH

LAX also contains Ostarine, MK-2866 is the most well-studied SARM today because it has gone through countless clinical trials. Although not all clinical trials have successfully proved the efficacy of Ostarine in various situations, every single one has proven its effectiveness in establishing lean muscle mass with minimal side effects, which has won Ostarine has won the trust of most users who use SARMs for the first time.



You can expect gains of up to 4-5 pounds of lean muscle gains while on a surplus, and 1-2 pounds while on a small deficit.


You should expect a considerable strength increase if you are in a caloric surplusOn a caloric deficit, you will only experience strength gains in the first few weeks, following a plateau as your cut continues and you lose more weight. Users also often report increased stamina and motivation to train.

-Bones and Joints

Ostarine is proven by clinical studies to increase the strength and density of your bones. This is also one of the purposes it was originally designed for.

There are claims that Ostarine helps heal and strengthen joints and tendons. There is no evidence to prove this in the clinical studies, although anecdotal reports say that Ostarine can indeed heal and strengthen your joints and tendons and it is the only SARM that may have this trait.

-Fat Loss

Contrary to what some people believe, Ostarine will not burn or help you with losing fat. It is not a fat burner. As stated previously, it will help keep and even gain muscle mass whilst on a cut making cutting cycles more effective.


Ostarine will speed up your recovery times considerably. You will feel less sore and you will be able to hit the same muscle groups a lot sooner than if you were natural.


Ostarine will significantly harden your muscles, giving them a dense and lean look. It will not cause any extra water retention. Users also reported that it made their muscles pop more, with an increase in vascularity.

60 caps


1 month

Suggested use
Take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

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