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APOCALYPSE with a DMAA and DMHA Blend for high energy!

Choosing the right formula to consume before your workout is proven to increase your performance and exercise efficiency. That is why it is worth betting on the ultra-concentrated supplement, which allows you to achieve great performance, regardless of the type of sport you practice. The substance was created in a laboratory specialising in preparing high-quality supplements for athletes so that you can count on extremely lasting effects of use.

Composition of the supplement and its effect on the body.

The innovative composition of the product affects the body by causing a powerful increase in strength and endurance – making every training session even more fruitful. The development is driven by a perfect blend in which you will find:

Beta-Alanine – an amino acid that produces carnosine and protein building blocks. In addition, it dilates blood vessels and supports proper muscle function.

Creatine monohydrate – one of the best-known types of creatine. It accelerates the growth of muscle tissue, increases strength and endurance, and supports regeneration after training. In addition, it influences the maximisation of muscle pumps.

Caffeine anhydrous – dehydrated caffeine. Thanks to its properties, it stimulates the organism, helps maintain concentration and correct body weight.

Juniper berry extract – juniper berries are characterised by an absolute wealth of nutrients (e.g. flavonoids and mineral salts). They support the functioning of the circulatory, digestive and urinary systems. They show antibacterial and analgesic properties. They help remove toxins from the body.

Extract from peels of bitter orange peel – the source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Accelerates metabolism, increases blood pressure and improves mood. Reduces appetite.

Hordenine HCL – an alkaloid that stimulates the production of noradrenaline, facilitates fat burning and stimulates the body.

Dimethyl ethanolamine (DMAE) – amino alcohol, structurally similar to choline. It penetrates the blood-brain barrier. As a result, it stimulates the central nervous system, supports concentration and improves mood.

Extract from viper’s rauwolfia – a potent substance that helps to maintain correct body weight. Apart from that, it stimulates metabolism and regulates water balance in the body. It also strengthens muscle fibres.

Extract from Chinese moss Huperzia Serrata – the source of huperzine A, an alkaloid that penetrates the blood-brain barrier. It improves nerve conduction, supports concentration and memory, alleviates oxygen stress and improves mood.

DMAA is a supplement with a very strong stimulating effect, which is designed to maintain a high level of energy for many hours. Its destiny is universal. It is suitable as a support in intensive strength training, but can also be used as a support in mental work.

DMHA is one of the boosters especially recommended for athletes and other people who undertake regular and intensive exercise. It is a new generation formula based on 2-aminoisoheptane. It has solid stimulating properties, and its effects include reducing fat tissue, improving memory, and improving the pain threshold. In addition, it allows you to exercise more intensively and for longer.



1 month

Suggested use
Consume one scoop (about 6.3 grams) 15 minutes before workout or mental work. To test ingredient tolerance, you can start supplementation with 1/2 knowledge for the first few days.

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